July 24, 2023

Altruistic and Magnet forge ground-breaking partnership for amplified Social Impact across Canada

— Author: Editorial Staff

Altruistic Innovations (Altruistic), and Magnet, an initiative out of Toronto Metropolitan University, are excited to announce a new partnership. Combining a global talent outlook with deep knowledge of Canada’s business landscape, Altruistic and Magnet will participate in potential data-sharing activities to gain deeper insights and identify trends to accelerate and improve economic development in Canada.

The strategic partnership will allow Altruistic and Magnet to maximize their combined impact through Altruistic’s advanced AI technology capabilities alongside Magnet's deep-rooted community empowerment initiatives. The collaboration will optimize existing programs from both organizations and develop new, innovative solutions to address systemic challenges in an increasingly digital world.

As part of this partnership, Altruistic and Magnet will join forces to pilot, test and evaluate Altruistic assessments and technology and explore innovative AI solutions for workforce development. By leveraging AI algorithms and predictive modeling, Altruistic and Magnet can shape a vibrant future for workforce and economic development across the country.

The strategic partnership between Altruistic and Magnet represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of leveraging technology for workforce development in Canada. 

We’re thrilled to embark on this partnership with Magnet, a pioneering Pan-Canadian organization that shares our passion for social impact and community empowerment,” said Robert Maguire, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Altruistic. “By combining our AI expertise with Magnet’s extensive network and deep-rooted experience, we can make a substantial difference in communities throughout Canada.” 

Mark Patterson, Executive Director of Magnet, expressed equal enthusiasm about the partnership. "Altruistic's AI capabilities present an exciting opportunity for us to scale our impact and reinforce our commitment to a lasting positive impact on Canada's employment and training ecosystem. By collaborating closely with Altruistic, we will harness their AI capabilities to create solutions that empower individuals, strengthen communities, and build a more equitable future," Patterson said.

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