August 8, 2022

GetApp - Data Science vs Machine Learning: Which is Best for Your Business?

— Author: Editorial Staff

There are many different aspects to business intelligence that business leaders need to know about to grow strategically. For example, data science vs machine learning.

As a business leader in a technical field, you are living and working in an exciting time and space. New technological breakthroughs seem to happen every day, and almost anything seems possible. But you need analytics professionals in your organization who can harness this technology effectively to perform transformational tasks like data mining and predictive analytics, and your resources are limited.

Expanding your business intelligence team to uncover more insights from your data is always a good idea, but should you expand by utilizing data science or machine learning?We talked to real business leaders with expertise in this field to get their perspective on when you should hire a data scientist and when you should hire a machine learning specialist. In this article, we’ll break down what they had to say and provide tips to help you grow your analytics team as effectively as possible by using both data science and machine learning.

Read the full article and Steven Randazzo's perspective here.

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