November 17, 2022

Idea Mensch - Interview with Robert Maguire, Founder of Altruistic

— Author: Editorial Staff

Robert Maguire is currently on a mission to build the most dynamic collective intelligence platform at Altruistic.

Specialising in strategic direction and thought leadership in the field of technological Innovation, Robert has pursued his career in line with the evolving innovation landscape and open talent methodologies.

With extensive knowledge in leadership, digital transformation and customer experience he started his professional life in direct and digital marketing, specialising in global technology brands. Holding senior positions in consultancies he began his investment and entrepreneurial career by developing companies aligned with the tech explosion.

With extensive international experience he has founded & developed start/scale up companies in Europe and the US that focus on data science based innovation and digital platforms. He currently holds several algorithmic patents and is the founder of ground breaking technologies. As the core founder of Altruistic, Robert is on a mission to bring data science and digital transformation to all corners of the globe.

Robert has a MSc in Marketing with Honours from Dublin Business School. He is a leading voice of open innovation in Europe and is a board member of two non profit organisations.

Robert currently lives in Milan, Italy with his wife, daughter & dog. He is passionate about travel, food/wine, art and all things digital.

Read the full interview here.

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