August 9, 2022

Utopia Experience Blog - Human Connection in a Digital Age

— Author: Editorial Staff

Great entrepreneurs commit to a lifestyle surrounding their work, choosing to solve problems close to their hearts. In Dawn’s case, it was the determination to connect with her ailing father and those like him through the pandemic. 

When her father was admitted to a skilled nursing facility following a severe fall, Sasha Dawn, Founder of Utopia Experiences, was determined to find ways to connect with him. This posed a challenge as the onset of the pandemic and COVID protocols meant he was not allowed visitors.

Thus, Utopia Experiences was born as an entertainment platform designed to provide intergenerational connections for clinic patrons through live-hosted interactive games. They partnered with Altruistic to deliver on a promise to bring meaningful digital services to our elderly population through senior game therapy. Together we are building a solid technical foundation that can easily scale as Utopia scales its business, including technical documentation, tech stack, and development strategy. As the platform gains traction throughout the industry, scalability becomes the number one priority.

“At the end of the day, what matters most is for them to be able to share screens and enjoy the game,” says Dawn “Every time I speak with Robert (Altruistic’s Chief Executive Officer) and Amanda (Altruistic’s Chief Revenue Officer) about strategising and scaling opportunities, I realise how their ideas and their knowledge of global integration and different ways to do that are so innovative. It’s inspiring, and it makes us proud to be partnered with Altruistic, where the bandwidth of knowledge and resources far exceeds my imagination. It’s fascinating.”

Read the full blogpost here.

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