Data Anonymization

Data Anonymization

Reduce risk associated with using your data through anonymization. Altruistic can clean, anonymization existing data or create new synthetic data that mimics your existing data.

Data innovation and data monetization typically utilize third parties for cost effective solutions, with sensitive data this is not possible. Altruistic fixes this issue by helping to anonymise and synthisize your data to give you actionable, and monetizable data with all the sensitivity removed!

Enable sharing of sensitive data without the risk of it being exposed through a proven data anonymization platform.


Risk Mitigation: eliminate the risk of your data getting into the wrong hands.

Speed: leveraging a proven platform removes any manual efforts needed to ensure anonymization.

Consistency: build anonymization into your business practices to ensure your data is always safe, and always ready for use.


Our Process Enables the Security:

  • Acquire your data from any database into the tool
  • Ensure the structure of the data is useable
  • Secure the data through anonymization
  • Enable collaboration and exploration of your dataset without risk of exposure

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