Point Solutions

Point Solutions

Tackle complex, difficult problems with breakthrough solutions developed by Altruistic.

Solve problems and optimize your business through deploying specific solutions leveraging advanced technology.

Point Solutions are technical tools that are deployed to solve specific problems. Together with your stakeholders, we design, develop and implement technology to deliver measurable ROI within your business.


Quick ROI: focusing on specific opportunities allows for strategic, fast development cycles to help you realize benefits faster.

Gain Momentum: showing value through point solutions can help drive momentum within your organization to embrace advanced technology more broadly.

Resource Optimization: allow your teams to focus on meaningful work and develop solutions to take care of the rest. This leads to happier employees and higher retention rates.


Your Solution comes to life through the following phases:

  • Knowledge Transfer, Background of the Organization
  • User/Role Definition
  • System Architecture and Processes
  • Future Planning
  • Full Wireframe Development
  • Solution Build / Test

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