January 25, 2023

Unlimited access to data professionals in view of democratizing workforce

— Author: Editorial Staff

Launched partnership with Baise - with the aim of expanding to more companies - brings STEM students to new work opportunities thanks to Altruistic’s proprietary testing methodology.
The world is constantly changing and new technology trends are continuously being developed.
Democratizing workforce has been a key goal of many organizations, and Altruistic is no different. For the past year, Altruistic has been developing a number of ways on how to increase the number of data professionals hired as they are integral in the processing of large amounts of data, helping identify trends and patterns, and developing and administering data-driven interventions.
Altruistic has always been at the forefront of anything related to Data, Digital and AI, and as they remain the main focus of the company, data professionals are the driving force to this technological development. To achieve this goal, Altruistic has developed with a world renowned academic institution a proprietary data professional assessment in vision of reimagining and introducing a new chapter of innovation.

Earlier this year, Altruistic signed a partnership with Baise, an organization based in the Netherlands that aims to bridge the gap between data and AI-related studies and working life. Baise provides a kickstart to students who want to learn, grow and connect with people in the industry of data & AI.
This partnership is another extraordinary opportunity to make a difference, as a company, in offering a concrete contribution to rethinking the future of work and its democratization, facilitating valuable connections between student talent and the needs of organizations at an international level.” - says Robert Maguire, CEO at Altruistic.

Through this partnership, Altruistic and Baise will work together to achieve their goal of
changing the future of work
. Altruistic will be providing its proprietary assessment to help
Baise’s student community identify their skillset and access to workforce.
"We are glad that through Altruistic we are able to give students the opportunity to gain
practical experience in data and AI. Their assessment will give the students a chance to see
what roles suit them best, and we are excited to see how this helps them as they work on
related projects
" - says Philip Gast, Founder of Baise. 

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