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Rail Cargo

Wearable technology can improve worker efficiency, enhance connectivity and make communication more seamless

Altruistic Data Science for Rail Cargo


An agent-based modelling approach to customer insights to develop a holistic model of shopper behaviour.

Altruistic for Unilever - predictive analytics to understand customer behaviour

Tetra Pak Services

Fix the problem before it is a problem: predictive maintenance

Altruistic Innovation Artificial Intelligence - Tetrapack

San Raffaele Hospital

Using predictive analytics to optimize the surgery interventions in an hospital

San Raffaele Hospital - optimizing surgery rooms


Identify and validate a team of highly skilled individuals to develop groundbreaking technology

Altruistic Innovation consultancy for Startups

Bristol City Football Club AI based injury prediction

Prevent loss of talent using AI for injury prediction and personalized therapy

Altruistic - using AI for injury prediction in sport

Exxon Mobil

Rubber meets the road. Modelling a data driven last-mile delivery strategy through data analysis and optimization.

Altruistic data driven strategy for Exxon Mobil


Harness the power of open innovation to design the future of safe grid technology.

Altruistic- using AI to predict wildfires on electric grids

Utopia Experiences

Create human connection to fight loneliness in elderly people

Altruistic Innovation development for Utopia Experience
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