How difficult is it to find the right data science and AI talent?


- Talent Strategy Design
- Talent Scouting
- Talent Assessment and Validation


Hiring the wrong resources is critical for any business, but even more so for startups. Startups are short on time, need to be agile, and often have limited resources. Therefore spending it in the most efficient way, especially when it comes to building your team, is a crucial element of success.


ContinuumLab creates breakthrough startups that deliver AI innovation to business. Their process accelerates the time to market and lowers the risk of launching AI startups. But in order to keep themselves on track they need talent...continuously. And they need it right.

Altruistic Innovations for ContinuumLab - finding the right talent


We used our Flex Teams service to help ContinuumLab find the human resources they needed, speeding up scouting times but, above all, guaranteeing the quality and suitability of the people selected.

The process for Continuum, has been the Flexible Teams one:

  • Submit a resource request to the Altruistic Talent Team
  • Scoping call to determine details of project and needs
  • Expert resources are identified and reviewed by their stakeholders
  • Contract secured and resources deployed

And now that the right resources are in the right place, we look forward to collaborating with this amazing company on new projects and supporting their growth.


Flexible Teams

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