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Human connection for the elderly was decimated during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving this generation with a plague of loneliness.


Utopia Experiences is a live hosted gaming platform that delivers intergenerational connection opportunities in the form of virtual programming. They help residents in congregate community settings build connections that lead to happier, fulfilled lives. Fun, hands-free play fosters social participation and family involvement, builds community, and reduces staff burnout— all from one, easy-to-use platform.


Utopia Experiences is a live-hosted game show platform that brings together elderly residents with their communities and families. Behind the platform is a strong technical solution in which Altruistic supports.

The foundation has to not only be built, but captured in a way that management can be passed between resources and this has been done providing documentation and process.

Furthermore, through the elaboration of a technical strategy and development, we have ensured the platform not only a solid starting point, but we have thought it able to expand and include new features in the future. This through indications on the technological stack and opportunities.

By enabling a cohesive technology plan and execution development becomes streamlined and efficient.

Outsourcing technical resources is often a necessity for startups, but with our approach the goal is to enable the startup to stand on its own and get organizational autonomy. They can then have the choice to easily continue outsourcing or bring in internal resources without extended onboarding times.

Non-technical founders often have intense passion and drive, but need that technical expertise to bring it to life. Trough our technical leadership they can turn ideas into IP without losing equity.

"It is a pleasure to share such an expansive opportunity with Altruistic, creating a solution that improves the human connection and quality of life for so many!"
Sasha Dawn


new assisted living facilities needed to support growing elderly population over next decade
Increase in resident engagement during pre-launch of platform
Technical Strategy
and Development

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