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- Business Model Design
- Customer journey Design
- MVP Design
- Future developments and opportunities


Being financed, for a startup, is obviously one of the main objectives. But gaining enough credibility to get to that stage isn't easy. And it is not especially in a time, like the present one, in which there is an economic contraction on a global level and even the VCs are much more careful and cautious in allocating their resources.


Hupe is a startup operating in the health optimization industry aimed at lowering people’s epigenetic age through personalized lifestyle advisory.
The service is provided through a sophisticated technological platform capable of connecting all the stakeholders involved in a simple, direct and dynamic way: users, coaches and healthcare professionals. The platform must also be able to offer adequate security in terms of storage of sensitive user data, as well as to provide proactive support to the latter.

Altruistic Innovations startups workshop for Hupe


The workshop has been run according to the design thinking methodology and day 1 focused on the fundamentals of the business such as:

  • Value Proposition
  • Target Market and Ideal Customer
  • Platform Awareness
  • Platform Features and Processes

Given the topics discussed in the workshop, two categories of outcome emerged. Findings related to the business model and the go-to-market strategy and findings related to the technology.

The second day of the startup workshop focused more on technological aspects, but always starting from a business perspective, with the aim of identifying the essential features to arrive at a credible MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in front of investors. In order to do that we focused with Hupe on:

  • Customer Journey Analysis
  • Identification of the right technology
  • Technical integrations and API
  • Prioritization and development roadmapping
I chose Altrustic to be my technology partner based on the pragmatic, highly commercial and holistic approach they take to development.
Sami Malia


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Design & Features
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