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The first phase of your digital transformation requires a solid foundation. This includes understanding what data you have, what you’ll need, and the architecture to support it. Expert knowledge and resources to address complex  considerations such as security, privacy, governance, and budgeting.


Data, leveraged. Creating a successful digital infrastructure depends upon a holistic strategy and execution plan to provide opportunities for optimization, monetization and adding meaningful value to your business. Create the tools that will support your data pipeline and enable AI.


Deployment of advanced methodology, such as artificial intelligence and data science, has the power to truly optimize your organization. Set a common language and understanding organization-wide, with specific units or in the C-Suite as you develop and implement your AI strategy.


A digital first organization, with an aligned strategy and implementation delivering impactful value to your operations, financial performance and company culture.

Our projects


Identify and validate a team of highly skilled individuals to develop groundbreaking technology

Altruistic Innovation consultancy for Startups


Start your journey the right way: startup workshops on business model and tech design

Altruistic Innovations startups workshop for Hupe

Bristol City Football Club AI based injury prediction

Prevent loss of talent using AI for injury prediction and personalized therapy

Altruistic - using AI for injury prediction in sport


An agent-based modelling approach to customer insights to develop a holistic model of shopper behaviour.

Altruistic for Unilever - predictive analytics to understand customer behaviour


Accelerating Renewable Energy Adoption with Artificial Intelligence

The urgency to adopt renewable energy and achieve sustainability has never been greater.

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Using AI in renewable energy - Altruistic

How Generative AI can be leveraged to optimize Hospital Activities

From patient diagnosis to treatment planning and resource allocation.

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Generative AI in hospitals - Altruistic

AI - it's time to get serious

The path towards sustainable AI at every level is not simple and cannot be achieved overnight. But we are absolutely certain that it is worth it.

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Deploying AI at scale - Altruistic
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— End to End Service Design
— Agile Innovation
— Digital Transformation
— Open Talent Integration
— Digitisation
— Technology Mapping
— Research and Trends


— Algorithms
— Software Development
— Platform Design
— Digital Ecosystems
— Mobile / Web Applications
— Smart City Technologies
— Cyber Security Technology


— Data Monetisation
— Cloud Computation
— Data Anonymisation
— Data Cleaning


— AI Applications
— Smart Lab
— AI Ethics
— Governance in AI

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