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The opportunity to innovate is all around us. At Altruistic we innovate not for the sake of innovation but to enable meaningful value through the combination of human plus machine. As a purpose-driven consultancy, our team at Altruistic is dedicated to supporting organizations - through innovation and digital transformation - which are on a path to creating solutions that make the world a better place.
Altruistic Innovations - CTO service

Our Core Values



Yes we’re commercial, but our focus is on people and making their lives better.


Change can be scary - but we are curious and courageous in the face of global challenges.


We believe in the power of human insight over machines.


We are an aspirational community where people have a sense of belonging.


We move at speed to enable organisations to innovate faster.


A global brand that celebrates diversity of culture and mindset.


Altruistic is a human-driven data science and artificial intelligence consultancy. Through our global team of business and data professionals, we serve startups to large enterprises through their entire digital transformation journey. We call this the path from data, to digital to AI.

With offices in London, Milan and Boston - our teams focus on delivering strategy to solution. From ideation to implementation, projects are designed value first.
Robert Maguire - CEO Altruistic Innovations Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Robert Maguire

Founder / Managing Partner - Milan
Data and digital obsessed, Robert is our CEO and co-founder. An open innovation champion and critical thinking strategist, he has launched and scaled companies in the USA and Europe. In his spare time, you’ll find him in the mountains with his dog, Teddy Bear.
Jin Paik - Chief Strategy Officer Altruistic Innovations

Jin Paik

Co-Founder / Managing Partner - Boston
Co-founder Jin is a research scientist at Harvard. He was previously the Head of Labs at the Data, Digital, and Design Institute at Harvard and founding general manager at LISH, where he developed strategic vision and directed research activities. He is the co-author of the forthcoming book (January 2024), Open Talent.
Steven Randazzo - Chief Innovation Officer Altruistic

Steven Randazzo

Chief Innovation Officer - London
Lover of complexity, communications, and content, Steven takes big ideas and distils them into easy-to-use processes and solutions. A seasoned speechwriter, he knows how to make an impact for the greater good. Steven is also a gourmand, loves to bike, and go on hiking trips with his pet dog.
Amanda Freick - Chief Revenue Officer Altruistic

Amanda Freick

Chief Revenue Officer - Arizona
Smart, strategic, and all about STEM, Amanda has a background in ‘smart grid’, labour relations, and sales engineering. Passionate about 'women in tech', she is on a personal mission to enabling a responsible energy future.
Gerard Fogarty - Chief Technical Officer Altruistic

Gerard Fogarty

Chief Technology Officer - London
Equal parts coffee snob and cloud consultant, Gerard powers all things tech and data for Altruistic. When not reading the fine print on the world wide web, he indulges his passion for Olympic weightlifting and running.
Simona Bembo - Head of EMEA at Altruistic

Simona Bembo

Chief Operations Officer - Milan
A solid background in marketing and public relations, Simona loves to be the bridge between talents and people to build networks able to create innovation and accelerate value creation. Her masterpiece in life is for sure her daughter.
Stefano Gallinaro - Project Manager Altruistic Innovations

Stefano Gallinaro

Project Manager - Padua
Tech-transfer passionate and strong advocate of open innovation, Stefano’s main responsibility is having Altruistic projects delivered timely and effectively. Once everything’s on track, you can find him writing songs and performing them in Italian pubs.
Shaen Mariano - Innovation Associate Altruistic

Shaen Mariano

Innovation Associate - Milan
A passionate technology lover, who is always on the go. When not on call you can easily find her either at the theater singing or at the airport with her backpack ready to explore new countries.
Reka Sarosi - Accounts Manager Altruistic

Reka Sarosi

Accounts Executive - Budapest
Many asks why I become an accountant, and I am here to tell you, that I am an accountant by choice, I just love organising and solving staff and basically as an accountant that is what I do, I turn boring, messy, untangled financial data into meaningful reports. And when I am away from the computer, I just love solving mystery rooms and be with my westie puppy.
Aditya Nair - Digital Manager at Altruistic

Aditya Nair

Digital Manager - Connecticut
Digital marketer and creative strategist, Aditya takes a journalistic approach to brand building — whether startups, scaleups, and large enterprises. An expert at turning technology into compelling stories, our resident geek is an avid photographer and movie buff.


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