October 13, 2022

Assess, map and match: AI and the future of work

— Author: Simona Bembo

Over the past two years, every organization has had to reimagine, and recreate some of their fundamental organizational structures. How do we do our work? Where? When? How can technology help us to re-shape the world of work for the needs of the future?

These are some of the questions we had the opportunity to discuss on October 5-6 with 200 policymakers, corporate executives, and university leaders from 31 different countries at NYU Abu Dhabi. This campus is one of the most innovative and ambitious locations in the world. We had the chance to connect, learn, and advance our mission during the Future Talent Summit, organized by the Future Talent Council.

We had the opportunity to share with these extraordinary humans our views on the future of work and the role of leadership in building resilient and sustainable worlds. It is increasingly crucial to build and plan the future of work, especially in a time of profound technological change such as the one we are experiencing.

The scope of talent is now to be more democratized due to the acceleration of the future of work. The fact that we can be anywhere whilst applying our skills means that we have to think of new and dynamic ways to find, assess, map and match with talent on a global level. Altruistic is investing heavily in technological paths to find talent for itself and our clients by using deep data to seek out the best of the best. This is not only from a traditional recruitment standpoint but it’s reflective of how we think about internal, external and open talent minds. Or human + machine ethos applies more than ever.” – said Robert Maguire, CEO of Altruistic.

During a roundtable session, we had the honor of sharing our #AMM methodology and the technology we are building to support it. More importantly, discussing what this can represent in terms of a competitive advantage for companies. The eager involvement in the conversation was telling of the needs of our peers – the future of work is here. 

A= Assessing : testing your current and future workforce

M= Mapping : attaining an overview of where good talent is and where it is not

M= Matching : building an “intelligent” pipeline of talent from a dedicated and validated pool

The difficulty of identifying, evaluating and acquiring the right talent for your organization is increasingly a priority for those involved in human resources today. That’s why we have built a technology that allows enterprises to accomplish this more efficiently and effectively, while ensuring a better match with their needs. This is certainly becoming a crucial factor in the talent acquisition process, today and tomorrow.

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