May 25, 2022

Altruistic Innovations donate 500 generators to Ukraine

— Author: Editorial Staff

Altruistic joins the people of Ukraine in opposing the Russian invasion and recognising Ukraine as a sovereign nation. We have shipped 500 electricity generators to help the people of Ukraine. As a consequence of the war, cities and towns in Ukraine face severe power and generator shortages. Attacks on the electricity grid and logistical challenges make it difficult for the country to procure power generators safely. 

We donated 500 generators sourced from Germany, Ireland, and Italy and ensured their safe arrival in Ukraine. Portable power will help essential services stay running. They are needed for hospitals, shelters, and treatment plants” says Robert Maguire, founder & CEO. The generators have made their way by land and sea to aid shortages in Ukrainian cities such as Zhytomyr through Altruistic’s partnership with Team Ukraine Love. Team Ukraine Love is a humanitarian organization working to aid refugees displaced by the Ukraine crisis. 

Altruistic donates 500 generators to Ukraine

In times of crisis, we believe in putting the well being of people first. Our organisation is built on the principles of altruism. It’s in the very DNA of our company. We want to help and support others in need. We will continue to do our part as this upheaval unfolds.” 

On April 14, 2022, we announced our ‘Altruistic for Ukraine’ scholarship program offering technology scholarships to citizens of Ukraine and those displaced by the invasion. The program enables Ukrainian students, researchers, and young professionals to continue their skills development required for a career in data science through the Altruistic Academy. Additionally, scholarship graduates will be enrolled in Altruistic Collective, a global community of 3000+ data scientists. In addition to the scholarships, Collective has partnered with global enterprise businesses to host exclusive projects for Ukrainian data scientists.

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