April 15, 2022

Democratising education for displaced youth

— Author: Editorial Staff

We are pleased to announce that Altruistic is partnering with Phoenix Space to deliver high-quality STEM education to displaced and underprivileged children globally. Together, our aim is to democratise education and ensure young people have equal access to quality education.

This is an immensely valuable partnership. At Altruistic, our vision is to harness the combined capabilities of expert crowds to solve global challenges. Phoenix Space believes in unlocking the intellectual talent of young people who otherwise lack access to quality STEM education,” says Robert Maguire, CEO, Altruistic.

Democratising education

The Phoenix Space curriculum is designed by education experts, supported by leading academics, space technologists and data scientists in collaboration with social impact professionals. The curriculum is designed to open minds, spur curiosity, and inspire students through inspirational science-based content. “We are excited by this strategic partnership moving ahead into 2022. With both Robert’s vision and the support of Altruistic, we are perfectly positioned to scale the delivery of cutting edge scientific and technological training to underprivileged youth around the world,” says Alevtina Nepomnyashchikh, Founder and CEO, Phoenix Space.

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