April 14, 2022

Scholarships for emerging Ukranian data scientists

— Author: Editorial Staff

Altruistic stands with the people of Ukraine in condemning the invasion and recognising Ukraine as a sovereign state. We are announcing the ‘Altruistic for Ukraine’ scholarship program.

Ukranian Data Scientists

Totalling 18 scholarships, the program will enable Ukrainian students, researchers, and young professionals to continue their skills development required for a career in data science through Altruistic Academy. Additionally, scholarship recipients will be enrolled in Altruistic Collective, a global data science community. The scholarships are open to current residents of Ukraine and those displaced by the invasion.

Academy's promise

Altruistic offers three full-tuition scholarships for the six courses available in Academy, our learning platform. The scholarships are open to individuals of all ages. Academy provides a platform where today’s talent learns to solve tomorrow’s problems through experts who apply their tech knowledge in digital scenarios. We use online technology courses to upskill enterprise employees and students. Courses on Academy cover a range of skills required for full-stack development and data science, including Python, JavaScript, Vue.js and React.

We have always believed in making education accessible. With our full scholarships, we hope to kickstart the data science careers of Ukrainian citizens,” says Cristina Galfo, head of Altruistic Academy. “By building future-ready learners, we’re bridging the gap between what formal education can provide and what the world needs.”

Creating a community

Altruistic Collective is a global open-talent platform for data scientists. In addition to the scholarships, Collective has partnered with global enterprise businesses to host exclusive projects for Ukrainian data scientists.

Altruistic is built on the principles of altruism. We believe in going the extra mile in difficult times.” says founder and CEO Robert Maguire. “With our initiative, we hope to provide displaced Ukrainian data scientists the opportunities to develop their skills, find a network, and contribute to global challenges.

To apply for the scholarship email info@altruistic.io

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