Data Audit

Data Audit

Get a full understanding, including status, size, structure of your data assets.

The quality of data is the #1 reason digital transformation projects don't deliver expected ROI. Understanding where you are with a Data Audit will give you a clear path on where you can go.

A Data Audit includes deep discovery and documentation of your organizations data assets, including opportunities and gaps.


Garbage In / Garbage Out: ensure a strong foundation for any future data based project by gaining a clear understanding of exactly what you have.

Optimization: understand where your data architecture can be streamlined, and how your data can better flow throughout your organization.

Improve Opportunity: strong confidence in your data brings increased opportunity for enhanced analytics and to improve operations.



In the data audit you can expect:

  • Stakeholder alignment
  • Data identification / access
  • Analysis of infrastructure
  • Deep analysis of data usability, cleanliness and availability

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