Data Gathering Tools

Data Gathering Tools

Leverage automated tools to transform your existing data or collect new data in a machine-readable format.

Data is already flowing through your business, there are hundreds of tools to collect data out there. Let Altruistic find one that suits your particular business needs and help you implement it.

Implement and utilize the right data gathering tools for your business needs to start creating value from your data.


Set up automation in data gathering so when the time comes, you have the data you need ready to action.

Get the right tool for your business needs, collecting the right data, leaving it at your fingertips.

Reduce human error through the adaptation of technology.




  • Scoping phase: look at environment and scope exactly what tools will fit the enviroment in terms of security and types of data being generated
  • Implementation and testing: install relevant tools, test to ensure slear flow of data is taking place

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