Cloud Migration Assessments

Cloud Migration Assessments

Gain an in-depth understanding on how ready your organization’s infrastructure is to support analytics and AI.

Migration to cloud can be complex without preparation, get a TCO and a business case for moving to the cloud that starts you off on the right foot.

An agentless collector installed in your environment to gather utilization and provisioning data to rightsize to the appropriate resources in AWS to give you an accurate TCO and licensing cost optimization.


Cost comparison: build a business case for cloud adoption to compare with your current spend to see if cloud is right for you.

License Optimization: get a free optimized microsoft licensing assessment, guage what you're currently spending with Microsoft and if there are any possible savings/optimizations to be made on this regardless if you move to the cloud or not.

Right-sized instance planning: discover what the closest match in AWS compute instances is based on what you're currently utilizing, matched to the region you want your resources to be based out of!


Deliverables include a report, pdf - always sent to customer. As well as access to the Analytics Engine, to further map out the migration to AWS.

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