Cloud Migration Services

Cloud Migration Services

Increase computing power and transform your data infrastructure to meet current and future needs.

Migration often gives a sense of a lift and shift approach from your infrastructure to the cloud. This is inefficient and expensive. Altruistic will help to map out POC's, phased rollouts, with a future forward mentality to ensure you can remain agile once in the cloud.

Using TCO assessment to map out best case scenario approach to migration to the cloud, spinning up of instances in batched rollouts, adhoc/bespoke automation creation!


A phased approach to cloud migration that focuses on modernisation, optimizing and seemlessly bridging the gap between on-premise and the cloud.

A real, directional POC to how your compute and storage will look in the cloud based on your usage.

Mondernize and future proof your bsiness through leveraging the power of cloud technology.


Planning phase: use Migration assessment to beging planning phase, end planning phase with a scope document.
POC: run a poc to highlight and issues now to be troubleshooted before full approach.

Phased rollouts are based on application dependancies, end of support risk assessments, business necessity etc.

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